Argued Meaning in Nepali: बहस गरिएको, वाद गरिएको, विवाद गरिएको

Nearby Words:

Noun: Argument (बहस), Debate (बहस), Dispute (विवाद)

Verb: Discuss (चर्चा गर्नु), Contend (वाद गर्नु), Quarrel (कलह)

Part of Speech of Argued:


Pronunciation of Argued:


Argued Synonyms:

1. Debated – बहस गरिएको

2. Contended – वाद गरिएको

3. Disputed – विवाद गरिएको

4. Quarreled – कलह गरिएको

5. Discussed – चर्चा गरिएको

6. Disagreed – असहमत भएको

Description and Origination of Argued:

Argued is a verb that means to present reasons or evidence in support of or against something, typically in a debate or discussion. It originated from the Latin word “arguere” which means “to make clear, prove, accuse.” Argued is commonly used in various contexts, such as legal proceedings, academic debates, and everyday conversations.


1. Agreed – सहमत भएको

2. Concurred – मेल खाएको

3. Accepted – स्वीकृत भएको

4. Harmonized – मेल मिलाप गरिएको

5. United – एकीकृत भएको

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