Bakeries Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: बेकरीहरू Nearby Words: Noun: बेकरीहरू (bakeries) Adjective: बेकरीय (bakery) Verb: बेकरी चलाउनु (run a bakery) Part of Speech: Noun Pronunciation: (bey-kuh-reez) Bakeries Synonyms: 1. Pastry shops (पेस्ट्री दुकानहरू) 2. Bread shops (रोटी दुकानहरू) 3. Cake shops (केक दुकानहरू) 4. Confectioneries (मिठाई दुकानहरू) 5. Patisseries (पेस्ट्री दुकानहरू) 6. Bakehouses (बेकहाउसहरू) … Read more


Bakers Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meaning: बेकरहरू Nearby Words Noun: बेकरहरू (bakers), रोटी बनाउने (bread makers), खाजा बनाउने (pastry makers) Verb: बेकिंग गर्ने (to bake), रोटी बनाउनु (to make bread), खाजा बनाउनु (to make pastries) Part of Speech of Bakers: Noun Pronunciation of Bakers: (bay-kers) Bakers Synonyms: 1. pastry chefs – पेस्ट्री शेफहरू (pastry chefs) … Read more


Bakery Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: बेकरी, रोटी पसल, रोटी दुकान, खाजा पसल Part of Speech: Bakery is a noun. Pronunciation: (bey-kuh-ree) Bakery Synonyms: 1. Pastry shop – पेस्ट्री दुकान 2. Bread store – रोटी दुकान 3. Cake shop – केक दुकान 4. Confectionery – मिठाई पसल 5. Bakeshop – बेकरी 6. Patisserie – पेस्ट्री … Read more


“Catchiest” is an informal adjective meaning highly effective in attracting attention or engaging interest. It is typically used to describe something that has a strong appeal to a wide audience, or something that is particularly memorable or likely to leave a lasting impression. “Catchiest” can be applied to a variety of contexts: Marketing: A “catchy” … Read more


Balalaika Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings of Balalaika: 1. बालालैका (noun) 2. बालालैका (adjective) 3. बालालैका (verb) Part of Speech of Balalaika: Noun Pronunciation of Balalaika: (bah-luh-lahy-kuh) Balalaika Synonyms: 1. Guitar (गिटार) 2. Lute (लूट) 3. Mandolin (म्याण्डोलिन) 4. Ukulele (उकुलेले) 5. Banjo (बान्जो) 6. Sitar (सितार) Description and Origination of Balalaika: Balalaika is a … Read more


Balance Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: संतुलन, समता, तुलना, समत्व, संतुलितता Part of Speech of Balance: Balance is a noun. Pronunciation of Balance: (ˈbæləns) Balance Synonyms: 1. Equilibrium – संतुलन 2. Stability – स्थिरता 3. Harmony – सामंजस्य 4. Proportion – अनुपात 5. Equality – समानता 6. Symmetry – सममिति Description and Origination of Balance: … Read more

balance account

Balance Account Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: शेष खाता (noun) संतुलन खाता (noun) तालिका खाता (noun) Part of Speech: Noun Pronunciation: (bal-uhns uh-kount) Balance Account Synonyms: 1. Ledger (लेजर) 2. Statement (ब्याख्या) 3. Register (रेजिस्टर) 4. Bookkeeping (लेखापालन) 5. Account book (खाता पुस्तक) Description and Origination: A balance account, also known as a “शेष खाता” … Read more

balance brought down

Balance Brought Down Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: ब्यालेन्स ल्याएको तलब (noun) तलब घटाउनु (verb) Part of Speech: Noun, Verb Pronunciation: (balance brought down) Synonyms: 1. Reduce (कम गर्नुहोस्) 2. Decrease (हेर्नुहोस्) 3. Lower (निम्न गर्नुहोस्) 4. Diminish (क्षय गर्नुहोस्) 5. Minimize (कम गर्नुहोस्) 6. Cut down (काट्नुहोस्) Description and Origination: Balance brought down refers … Read more

balance carried forward

Balance Carried Forward Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: अगाडि लिएको शेष (noun) संतुलन लिएको अगाडि (noun) अगाडि लिएको शेष राख्नु (verb) Part of Speech: Noun Pronunciation: (bal-uhns kar-eed fawr-werd) Balance Carried Forward Synonyms: 1. Forward Balance (अगाडि शेष) 2. Carried Forward Amount (लिएको शेष रकम) 3. Remaining Balance (बाँकी शेष) 4. Unsettled Balance (अनन्तिक शेष) … Read more

balance in hand

Balance in Hand Meaning in Nepali Nepali Meanings: स्थिरता हातमा, समता हातमा, सन्तुलन हातमा Nearby Words: Balance (noun) – संतुलन, समता In (preposition) – मा Hand (noun) – हात Part of Speech: Noun phrase Pronunciation: (bal-uhns in hand) Balance in Hand Synonyms: 1. Stability (स्थिरता) 2. Equilibrium (समता) 3. Poise (सन्तुलन) 4. Composure (शान्ति) 5. … Read more

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