Bait Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: बाइट, फसाउनु, चारा, चारा फसाउनु

Part of Speech:

Bait is a noun and a verb.



Bait Synonyms:

1. Lure – फसाउनु

2. Temptation – आकर्षण

3. Decoy – फसाउने वस्त्र

4. Entice – मोहने

5. Trap – फसाउनु

6. Seduce – आकर्षित गर्नु

Description and Origination of Bait:

Bait refers to something used to attract or entice someone into doing something or to trap or catch animals. It can be food, a decoy, or any other form of lure. The term originated from the Old Norse word “beita,” which means “to cause to bite.”


1. Repel – दूर राख्नु

2. Deter – रोक्नु

3. Discourage – हतोत्साहित गर्नु

4. Dissuade – रोक्नु

5. Disgust – घृणा

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