Adore: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adore is an English word that means to love and admire someone or something deeply. In Telugu, it is translated as ఆదరించు (ādarimcu), పూజించు (pūjimcu), ప్రేమించు (prēmimcu), మనోహరించు (manōharimcu), ప్రియముగా ఉండు (priyamugā undu).

Pronunciation: uh-dawr

Synonyms of Adore

1. Love

2. Worship

3. Cherish

4. Treasure

5. Idolize

Nearby Words

1. Admire (verb) – ఆదరించు (ādarimcu) – I admire her talent.

2. Affection (noun) – ఆదరం (ādaram) – He showed great affection towards his pet.

3. Adorable (adjective) – ప్రియముగా ఉండే (priyamugā undē) – The puppy is so adorable.

4. Adoration (noun) – ఆరాధన (ārādhana) – The singer received adoration from the audience.

5. Adored (adjective) – ఆదరించబడిన (ādarimcabadiṇa) – The adored actress won an award.


The antonym of adore is despise, which is translated as ద్వేషించు (dvēṣimcu) in Telugu.

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