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Air Force: Meaning and Pronunciation

The term “Air Force” refers to the branch of a country’s military that is primarily responsible for aerial warfare. In Telugu, it is known as వాయు దళం (vāyu daḷaṁ). Pronounced as *vāyu daḷaṁ*.

Synonyms for Air Force

1. Aerial Corps
2. Aviation Branch
3. Flying Force
4. Air Arm
5. Air Wing

Nearby Words

1. Aircraft (Noun) – విమానం (vimaanam) – The Air Force operates various types of aircraft.
2. Pilot (Noun) – పైలట్ (pailaṭ) – Pilots are highly trained individuals in the Air Force.
3. Squadron (Noun) – స్క్వాడ్రన్ (skvāḍran) – The Air Force has multiple squadrons stationed across the country.
4. Fighter (Noun) – యుద్ధవిమానం (yuddhavimaanam) – Fighter jets are an integral part of the Air Force’s arsenal.
5. Base (Noun) – ఆధారం (ādhāraṁ) – Air Force bases are strategically located for operational purposes.

Example Sentence: The Air Force conducted a successful mission with its advanced aircraft.


The antonym for Air Force in Telugu is నీటి దళం (nīṭi daḷaṁ), which means “Navy”.

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