Adored: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: Adored is an English word that means to love or admire someone or something deeply.

Pronunciation: Adored is pronounced as uh-dawrd. *

Synonyms: Cherished, idolized, worshipped, treasured, revered.

Nearby Words


  • Adoration (ఆరాధన, ārādhana) – Deep love or worship.
  • Adorer (ఆరాధకుడు, ārādhakuḍu) – One who loves or worships someone or something.


  • Adore (ఆరాధించు, ārādhinchu) – To love or worship deeply.
  • Adoring (ఆరాధించుట, ārādhinchuṭa) – Showing deep love or admiration.


  • Adorable (ఆకర్షణీయమైన, ākarṣaṇīyamaina) – Delightful, charming, or lovable.
  • Adoring (ఆరాధనాత్మక, ārādhanātmaka) – Expressing deep love or admiration.

Example Sentences:

  1. I adored the beautiful sunset at the beach. (నాకు సముద్ర తీరంలో ఉన్న అందమైన సూర్యాస్తమయం నచ్చింది.)
  2. She adores her little sister and takes care of her. (అతని చిన్న సోదరిని అతనికి చాలా ఇష్టపడుతుంది మరియు అతనిని పరిగేయడం చేస్తుంది.)


The antonym of adored in Telugu is అప్రశంసించబడిన (aprashamsinchabadina), which means disliked or hated.

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