Admixture: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admixture is a noun that refers to the act of mixing or the state of being mixed. It can also mean a substance that is added to another substance to alter or improve it.

Pronunciation: uh d-miks-cher (ədˈmɪks.tʃər)

Synonyms of Admixture

1. Blend (మిశ్రణం)
2. Mixture (మిశ్రణం)
3. Combination (సంయోజన)
4. Fusion (మిశ్రణం)
5. Alloy (మిశ్రణం)

Nearby Words

1. Mix (noun) – మిశ్రణం, మిశ్రమం
Example: The cake batter requires a good mix of ingredients.

2. Blend (verb) – మిశ్రమం చేయు, మిశ్రణం
Example: Blend the spices together to create a flavorful sauce.

3. Combination (noun) – సంయోజన, మిశ్రణం
Example: The combination of colors in the painting is visually striking.

4. Fusion (noun) – మిశ్రణం, సంయోజన
Example: The fusion of different musical styles creates a unique sound.

5. Alloy (noun) – మిశ్రణం, మిశ్రమం
Example: Brass is an alloy made by the admixture of copper and zinc.


The antonym of admixture in Telugu is “అమిశ్రము” (amishramu), meaning “unmixed” or “pure.”

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