Admixed: Meaning and Pronunciation

Admixed is an adjective that refers to something that has been mixed or blended together. It is pronounced as /ədˈmikst/.

Synonyms of Admixed

Some synonyms of admixed include mixed, blended, combined, amalgamated, and intermixed.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Admixture (మిశ్రణం) – a mixture or blend of different elements.
  • Verb: Admix (మిశ్రించు) – to mix or blend different elements together.
  • Adjective: Admixt (మిశ్రితం) – mixed or blended together.

Example Sentences:

  1. The cake batter was admixed with chocolate chips for added flavor.
  2. The artist admixed various colors to create a vibrant painting.
  3. The admixture of cultures in the city creates a diverse and rich community.


The antonym of admixed is unadulterated (పరిశుద్ధం), meaning pure or not mixed with anything else.

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