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Air Hostess: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

An air hostess, also known as a flight attendant, is a professional who ensures the safety and comfort of passengers on an aircraft. They assist passengers during flights, provide in-flight services, and handle any emergencies that may arise. In Telugu, air hostess can be translated as విమాన హోస్టెస్ (vimaana hostess).

Pronunciation: vee-maa-na ho-stes

Synonyms of Air Hostess

1. Flight Attendant – ఫ్లైట్ అటెండెంట్ (flait attendent)

2. Cabin Crew – క్యాబిన్ క్రూ (kyaabin kru)

3. Stewardess – స్ట్యూయార్డెస్ (stewardess)

Nearby Words

1. Aircraft (Noun) – విమానం (vimaanam) – The aircraft took off smoothly.

2. Passenger (Noun) – ప్రయాణికుడు (prayaanikudu) – The passengers boarded the plane.

3. In-flight (Adjective) – విమానంలో (vimaanamlo) – The in-flight entertainment was enjoyable.

4. Emergency (Noun) – అత్యవసరం (atyavasaram) – The crew handled the emergency situation efficiently.


The antonym of air hostess in Telugu is విమాన యాత్రి (vimaana yaathri).

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