Aeronautical is an adjective that relates to the science or practice of designing, building, and operating aircraft. It encompasses various aspects of aviation, including the study of aerodynamics, aircraft structures, propulsion systems, and navigation.


air-uh-naw-ti-kuh l


Aviation, aerospace, flight, flying, air transportation

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Aircraft (విమానం) – a vehicle that can fly and is used for transportation or military purposes.
  • Noun: Pilot (పైలట్) – a person who operates an aircraft.
  • Noun: Aerodynamics (వాయువ్యోమశాస్త్రం) – the study of the motion of air and other gases and the forces acting on objects in motion through the air.
  • Noun: Propeller (ప్రాపెలర్) – a device consisting of a rotating hub with radiating blades, used to propel an aircraft.


Grounded (భూమిపై ఉన్న)

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