Aeronautic: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aeronautic is a term used in the field of aviation and refers to anything related to the design, construction, and operation of aircraft. In Telugu, aeronautic can be translated as విమానాయాన శాస్త్రం (vimaanaayaana shastram).

Pronunciation: [air-uh-naw-tik]

Aeronautic Synonyms

Some synonyms for aeronautic include:

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Air transportation
  • Flight technology

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to aeronautic:

  • Noun: Aircraft (విమానం) – The pilot flew the aircraft smoothly.
  • Noun: Pilot (పైలట్) – The experienced pilot safely landed the plane.
  • Noun: Aviation (విమానాయానం) – He had a passion for aviation since childhood.
  • Adjective: Aerodynamic (విమానాయాన శాస్త్రం సంబంధించిన) – The car’s design was inspired by aerodynamic principles.

Example Sentence: The aviation industry has seen significant advancements in aeronautic technology.


The antonym for aeronautic in Telugu is భూమియానం (bhumiyana).

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