Adinfinitum: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adinfinitum is a Latin phrase that translates to “to infinity” or “endlessly” in English. In Telugu, it can be understood as అంతకాలంలో (antakālaṁlō), అంతకు వరకు (antaku varaku), అంతకు లేదా అంతకాలంలో (antaku lēdā antakālaṁlō), etc.

Pronunciation: ad-inf-uh-nahy-tuhm

Synonyms of Adinfinitum

– Endlessly

– Infinitely

– Forever

– Perpetually

– Eternally

Nearby Words

– Adjective: Adhesive (అడ్హీసివ్), Sticky (స్టికీ)

– Noun: Adherence (అడ్హీరెన్స్), Adhesion (అడ్హీషన్)

– Verb: Adhere (అడ్హీర్), Stick (స్టిక్)

Example sentences:

– The adhesive tape stuck to the wall.

– His adherence to the rules was commendable.

– She couldn’t remove the sticky substance from her hands.


In Telugu, the word “ad” can be understood as విరామం (virāmaṁ), నిలిపి (nilipi), నిలిచివుండే (nilicivuṇḍē), etc.

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