Allopathy: Definition, Pronunciation, and Synonyms

Allopathy, known as ఆల్లోపతీ in Telugu, is a term used to describe the conventional system of medicine that treats diseases by using remedies that produce effects different from those caused by the disease itself. It is derived from the Greek words “allos” meaning “other” and “pathos” meaning “suffering”.

Pronunciation: Allopathy is pronounced as /əˈlɒpəθi/.

Synonyms: Some synonyms for allopathy include conventional medicine, Western medicine, and mainstream medicine.

Nearby Words

1. Alternative Medicine (Noun) – వైకల్య చికిత్స

2. Homeopathy (Noun) – హోమియోపతీ

3. Ayurveda (Noun) – ఆయుర్వేదం

4. Naturopathy (Noun) – నేచురోపతీ

5. Medicine (Noun) – మంత్రిత్వం, ఔషధం

Example Sentences:

– ఆల్లోపతీ చికిత్స ప్రముఖ రోగాలను నివారిస్తుంది. (Allopathy treatment cures major diseases.)

– ఆల్లోపతీ చికిత్స ప్రముఖ వ్యాధులను నివారిస్తుంది. (Allopathy treatment cures major illnesses.)


The antonym for allopathy in Telugu is ఆయుర్వేదం (Ayurveda).

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