Allaying: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Allaying is a verb that means to calm, soothe, or alleviate. It is derived from the word “allay” which originated from the Old English word “alecgan” meaning to put down or lay to rest. The pronunciation of allaying is uh-ley-ing.

Synonyms: appeasing, pacifying, mollifying, easing, relieving, mitigating, assuaging, comforting, tranquilizing.

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1. Allay (verb): శాంతించు (shaanthinchu) – to calm or pacify.

Example: అతను తన ఆత్మకథను వివరించి, మనసును శాంతంగా చేసినాడు. (Atanu tana aathmakathanu vivarinch, manasunu shaanthangaa chesinaadu) – He narrated his autobiography and allayed the minds.

2. Allayer (noun): శాంతించువాడు (shaanthinchuvaadu) – one who calms or soothes.

Example: అతను సమస్యలను శాంతంగా చేసే ఒక అందరికీ శాంతించువాడు. (Atanu samasyalanu shaanthangaa chese oka andariki shaanthinchuvaadu) – He is a person who allays problems and brings peace to everyone.


Ad (noun): విరుద్ధం (viruddham) – opposition or contradiction.

Example: అతను తన పనిని విరుద్ధంగా చేసినాడు. (Atanu tana panini viruddhangaa chesinaadu) – He acted against his work.

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