Adhering: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adhering is the present participle form of the verb “adhere.” It is pronounced as uh-dheer-ing.

Meaning in Telugu:

అనుసరించుట, పాటుచేయు, పట్టుకొను, పాటుచేయుట


Sticking, clinging, holding fast, bonding, attaching

Nearby Words:

1. Adhere (verb) – అనుసరించు, పాటుచేయు, పట్టుకొను, పాటుచేయుట
2. Adherence (noun) – అనుసరణ, పాటుచేయుట, పట్టుకొనుట
3. Adherent (noun) – అనుయాయి, అనుసరించేవాడు, పాటుచేయువాడు
4. Adhesion (noun) – అనుసరణ, పాటుచేయుట, పట్టుకొనుట
5. Adhesiveness (noun) – అనుసరణత్వం, పాటుచేయుటత్వం, పట్టుకొనుటత్వం

Example Sentences:

1. He was adhering to the rules and regulations of the organization. (Verb)
2. The adherence to safety protocols is crucial in this industry. (Noun)
3. The adherent followers of the leader were always by his side. (Noun)
4. The adhesion of the sticker to the wall was strong. (Noun)
5. The adhesiveness of the glue made it perfect for the job. (Noun)


విరుద్ధం (Viruddham)

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