adhering to

Adhering To: Meaning and Pronunciation

Adhering to is a phrase that means to stick to or follow something closely. It is pronounced as uh-deer-ing too.

Synonyms for Adhering To

Some synonyms for adhering to include:

  • Following
  • Abiding by
  • Complying with
  • Observing
  • Conforming to

Nearby Words

Some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu are:

  • Adhere (verb) – అనుసరించు (anusarinchu)
  • Adherence (noun) – అనుసరణ (anusarana)
  • Adherent (noun) – అనుయాయుడు (anuyayudu)
  • Adhesive (adjective) – అనుబంధక (anubandhaka)

Example sentences:

  1. He always adheres to the rules of the game. (అతను ఎప్పటికీ ఆట నియమాలను అనుసరిస్తాడు.)
  2. She adheres to a strict diet and exercise routine. (అతనికి కఠినమైన ఆహార మరియు వ్యాయామ పద్ధతికి అనుసరిస్తుంది.)


The antonym for adhering to is disregarding, which means to ignore or not follow something. In Telugu, it can be translated as పరిగణించడం (pariganiñcaḍaṁ).

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