Adduced: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, and Nearby Words

Meaning in Telugu: ఆధారంగా చూపించారు (ādhāraṅgā cūpiñcāru), ప్రమాణంగా చూపించారు (pramāṇaṅgā cūpiñcāru)

Pronunciation: uh-doost

Synonyms: cited, mentioned, presented, quoted, stated

Nearby Words


  1. adduct – ఆకర్షించు (ākarṣiñcu) – The teacher asked the students to adduct their arms towards their chest.
  2. adduction – ఆకర్షణ (ākarṣaṇa) – The adduction of the suspect was captured on CCTV.
  3. adductor – ఆకర్షకుడు (ākarṣakuḍu) – The adductor muscle helps in bringing the leg towards the body.


  1. adduce – ఆధారంగా చూపించు (ādhāraṅgā cūpiñcu) – The lawyer will adduce evidence to support his client’s case.
  2. adduct – ఆకర్షించు (ākarṣiñcu) – The suspect was adducted by the police for further questioning.
  3. add up – కూడించు (kūḍiñcu) – The numbers don’t add up, there seems to be a mistake in the calculations.


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Remember, “adduced” is a verb that means to cite as evidence or proof. It is often used in legal or academic contexts. The pronunciation of “adduced” is uh-doost. Some synonyms for “adduced” include cited, mentioned, presented, quoted, and stated. In Telugu, “adduced” can be translated as ఆధారంగా చూపించారు (ādhāraṅgā cūpiñcāru) or ప్రమాణంగా చూపించారు (pramāṇaṅgā cūpiñcāru).

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