Alphabetic: Meaning and Pronunciation

The word “alphabetic” is derived from the Greek word “alpha” which means “first” and “beta” which means “second.” In Telugu, it is translated as “అక్షరముల” (aksharamula).

Pronunciation: [al-fuh-bet-ik]

Synonyms of Alphabetic

1. Abecedarian

2. Alphabeticized

3. Alphabetical

4. Lettered

5. Literal

Nearby Words

1. Alphabet (Noun) – వర్ణమాల (varnamala) – The set of letters or symbols used to write a language.

2. Alphabets (Noun) – అక్షరములు (aksharamulu) – Plural form of alphabet.

3. Alphabeticize (Verb) – అక్షరములు వర్గీకరించు (aksharamula vargikarinchu) – To arrange or organize in alphabetical order.

4. Alphamerical (Adjective) – అక్షరముల సంఖ్యాత్మక (aksharamula sankhyatmaka) – Relating to both letters and numbers.

5. Alphameric (Adjective) – అక్షరముల (aksharamula) – Relating to or consisting of letters.


The antonym of “alphabetic” in Telugu is “అక్షరములు లేని” (aksharamulu leni).

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