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Additional Deputy Commissioner: Meaning and Pronunciation

An Additional Deputy Commissioner is a government official who holds a position of authority and assists the Deputy Commissioner in administrative duties. In Telugu, Additional Deputy Commissioner can be translated as “అదనపు ఉప కమిషనర్” (adanapu upa kamishanar).

Pronunciation: [uh-dish-uh-nl dep-yuh-tee kuh-mish-uh-ner]

Synonyms of Additional Deputy Commissioner

Some synonyms of Additional Deputy Commissioner include:

  • Assistant Deputy Commissioner
  • Deputy Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner Assistant

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to Additional Deputy Commissioner:

  • Additional (adjective) – అదనపు (adanapu)
  • Deputy (noun) – ఉప (upa)
  • Commissioner (noun) – కమిషనర్ (kamishanar)

Example sentences:

  1. The Additional Deputy Commissioner visited the flood-affected areas to assess the situation. (English)
  2. అదనపు ఉప కమిషనర్ ప్రభావిత ప్రాంతాలను అంచనా చేయడానికి సందర్శించారు. (Telugu)


The antonym of Additional Deputy Commissioner in Telugu is “ప్రధాన ఉప కమిషనర్” (pradhana upa kamishanar).

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