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Additional Deputy Director: Meaning and Pronunciation

The term “Additional Deputy Director” refers to a position or role in an organization that holds additional responsibilities and authority. In Telugu, it can be translated as “అదనపు ఉప నిర్దేశకుడు” (adhanapu upa nirdeśakuḍu).

Pronunciation: (ad-di-shuh-nl) (dep-yoo-tee) (duh-rek-ter)

Synonyms of Additional Deputy Director

Some synonyms for Additional Deputy Director include:

  • Assistant Deputy Director
  • Deputy Director (Additional)
  • Deputy Director (Extra)
  • Deputy Director (Supplementary)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to Additional Deputy Director:

  • Additional (adjective) – అదనపు (adhanapu) – He provided additional information.
  • Deputy (noun) – ఉపనిర్దేశకుడు (upanirdeśakuḍu) – The deputy arrived at the scene.
  • Director (noun) – నిర్దేశకుడు (nirdeśakuḍu) – The director gave clear instructions.

Example Sentence: The additional deputy director was appointed to oversee the project.


In Telugu, the antonym for Additional Deputy Director is “ప్రధాన నిర్దేశకుడు” (pradhāna nirdeśakuḍu).

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