Adverbs in Telugu Language

Adverbs are an essential part of speech that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. They provide information about how, when, where, or to what extent an action is performed. In Telugu language, adverbs are known as “క్రియావిశేషణాలు” (kriyāviśēṣaṇālu).

Pronunciation of Adverbs

In Telugu, adverbs are pronounced as follows:

*Italicized Telugu Pronunciation*

Synonyms of Adverbs

Some synonyms of adverbs in Telugu include:

1. క్రియావిశేషణాలు (kriyāviśēṣaṇālu)

2. క్రియావిశేషకాలు (kriyāviśēṣakālu)

3. క్రియావిశేషణములు (kriyāviśēṣaṇamulu)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings in Telugu:

1. Verb: క్రియ (kriya) – action

2. Adjective: విశేషణం (viśēṣaṇaṁ) – describing word

3. Noun: నామం (nāmaṁ) – name

Related Sentence:

అతను త్వరగా రానివ్వడం చేసాడు. (Atanu tvaragā rānivvaḍaṁ cēsādu) – He ran quickly.


The antonym of adverbs in Telugu is “నిర్దేశకాలు” (nirdēśakālu).

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