Adjurations: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Adjurations are powerful expressions used to solemnly appeal, entreat, or command someone. In Telugu, adjurations can be translated as:

1. ఆపాదన (āpādana) – to entreat, beseech

2. ఆజ్ఞాపించు (ājñāpinchu) – to command, order

3. ఆవేదన (āvēdana) – to appeal, plead

Pronunciation: āpādana (ah-paa-dha-na), ājñāpinchu (ah-jnyaa-pin-chu), āvēdana (ah-vey-dha-na)

Synonyms of Adjurations

1. Appeals

2. Entreaties

3. Petitions

4. Supplications

Nearby Words

1. Adjure (verb) – ఆపాదించు (āpādinchu) – to earnestly request or command

2. Adjuratory (adjective) – ఆపాదక (āpādaka) – relating to adjuration

3. Adjuror (noun) – ఆపాదకుడు (āpādakuḍu) – one who adjures

Example Sentence: The judge adjured the witness to tell the truth.


The antonym of adjurations in Telugu is అనాపాదన (anāpādana), which means “disregard” or “ignore.”

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