Baits Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Baits:

1. फसाउनु (verb)

2. चारा (noun)

3. चारा फसाउनु (verb)

4. चारा खानु (verb)

5. चारा लगाउनु (verb)

Part of Speech of Baits:

Noun, Verb

Pronunciation of Baits:


Baits Synonyms:

1. Lure – फसाउनु

2. Tempt – आकर्षित गर्नु

3. Entice – लुभाउनु

4. Trap – फसाउनु

5. Seduce – आकर्षित गर्नु

6. Decoy – फसाउनु

Description and Origination of Baits:

Baits refer to something used to attract or entice someone into doing something or to trap them. It can be both a noun and a verb. In the context of fishing, baits are substances used to attract fish to a hook. Figuratively, baits can be used to describe tactics or strategies employed to manipulate or deceive someone. The term originated from the Old Norse word “beit” meaning food or bait.

Antonyms of Baits:

1. Repel – दूर राख्नु

2. Deter – रोक्नु

3. Discourage – हतोत्साहित गर्नु

4. Dissuade – रोक्नु

5. Disgust – घृणा दिलाउनु


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