Baiting Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: चारा खाने, फसाउने, लुभाउने

Part of Speech of Baiting:

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation of Baiting:


Baiting Synonyms:

1. Luring – लुभाउने

2. Tempting – आकर्षण गर्ने

3. Provoking – उत्तेजित गर्ने

4. Enticing – मोहने

5. Trapping – फसाउने

6. Alluring – आकर्षक

Description and Origination of Baiting:

Baiting refers to the act of enticing, luring, or provoking someone or something. It involves using a bait or a tempting offer to attract or trap the target. Baiting can be used in various contexts, such as fishing, hunting, or even in psychological manipulation. It is a strategy often employed to provoke a reaction or elicit a desired response from the target.


1. Ignoring – अनदेखि गर्ने

2. Avoiding – टाढा गर्ने

3. Neglecting – उपेक्षा गर्ने

4. Disregarding – अनदेखि गर्ने

5. Overlooking – अनदेखि गर्ने

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