bad smelling

Bad Smelling Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

दुष्ट गन्ध, खराब गन्ध, अस्वादिष्ट गन्ध

Nearby Words:

  • Bad: खराब (adjective)
  • Smelling: गन्ध (noun)

Part of Speech: Adjective

Pronunciation: (bad smelling)

Bad Smelling Synonyms:

  • Foul Odor: दुष्ट गन्ध (noun)
  • Unpleasant Smell: अस्वादिष्ट गन्ध (noun)
  • Stinky: दुष्ट गन्ध (adjective)
  • Rancid: खराब गन्ध (adjective)
  • Pungent: तीव्र गन्ध (adjective)
  • Malodorous: दुष्ट गन्ध (adjective)

Bad smelling refers to something that emits an unpleasant or foul odor. In Nepali, it can be translated as “दुष्ट गन्ध,” “खराब गन्ध,” or “अस्वादिष्ट गन्ध.” It is an adjective that describes the quality of a smell.

When something is bad smelling, it can be associated with various synonyms such as foul odor, unpleasant smell, stinky, rancid, pungent, or malodorous. These words convey the same meaning in English and can be translated to Nepali as mentioned above.


  • Pleasant Smell: सुगन्ध (noun)
  • Fragrant: सुगन्धित (adjective)

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