abase oneself

Abase Oneself

Pronunciation: (uh-beys, wuhn-self)

Part of Speech: Verb

Abase oneself means to degrade or humble oneself, often in front of others, as a sign of submission or inferiority. It is an act of lowering one’s dignity or self-esteem.

Nearby Words:

  • Abandon (त्याग गर्नु): to give up or leave behind
  • Abash (शर्मिनु): to embarrass or make someone feel ashamed
  • Abbreviate (संक्षेप गर्नु): to shorten or condense
  • Abduct (अपहरण गर्नु): to kidnap or take someone by force
  • Abject (निराशाजनक): extremely bad or miserable
  • Abnormal (असामान्य): not usual or typical
  • Abscond (भाग्नु): to leave secretly or escape


  • Demean oneself
  • Debase oneself
  • Humiliate oneself
  • Lower oneself
  • Subjugate oneself


  • Elevate oneself (उच्चारण गर्नुहोस्)
  • Assert oneself (अभिकट गर्नुहोस्)
  • Empower oneself (सशक्त गर्नुहोस्)

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