bald head

Bald Head Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

1. उडुनु (verb) – to fly

2. निर्जन (adjective) – lonely

3. निर्जीव (adjective) – lifeless

4. निर्जीवी (noun) – lifeless person

5. निर्जीवता (noun) – lifelessness

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: [bawld hed]

Bald Head Synonyms:

1. Hairless (बालरहित)

2. Shaved (चुट्टाको)

3. Smooth (मुलायम)

4. Clean-shaven (सफा चुट्टाको)

5. Bare (खाली)

6. Uncovered (ढकिएको नभएको)

Description and Origination of Bald Head:

A bald head refers to the condition of having no hair on the scalp. It is commonly associated with aging, but can also be caused by various medical conditions or treatments. In Nepali, a bald head can be described as “बालरहित टाउको” (balarahit tauko). This term is often used to describe someone who has lost their hair completely. Baldness can have different meanings in different cultures and may be seen as a sign of wisdom, maturity, or even a lack of attractiveness. However, it is important to remember that beauty and self-worth are not determined by the presence or absence of hair.


1. Hairy (बालयुक्त)

2. Hirsute (बालयुक्त)

3. Hirsutism (बालयुक्तता)

4. Hirsutal (बालयुक्त)

5. Hirsuteness (बालयुक्तता)

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