Meaning in Nepali:

Alexandrites को नेपाली अर्थ (2-3 अर्थ लेख्नुहोस्): अलेक्जान्ड्राइट, अलेक्जान्ड्राइट्स


Alexandrites (अलेक्जान्ड्राइट्स)

Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Ruby (noun) – रुबी
  • Sapphire (noun) – सफाइर
  • Emerald (noun) – पन्ना
  • Diamond (noun) – हीरा
  • Topaz (noun) – टोपाज


  • Chrysoberyl (noun) – क्रिसोबेरिल
  • Color-change gem (noun) – रंग परिवर्तन रत्न
  • Chameleon gem (noun) – चेमियोन रत्न
  • Diaphanite (noun) – दिफानाइट
  • Green sapphire (noun) – हरियो सफाइर


  • Opaque (adjective) – अपारदर्शी
  • Nontransparent (adjective) – अपारदर्शी
  • Cloudy (adjective) – बादली
  • Murky (adjective) – अस्पष्ट

Alexandrites are rare and valuable gemstones that belong to the chrysoberyl family. They are known for their unique color-changing properties, appearing green in daylight and red under incandescent light. The name “alexandrite” is derived from the Russian tsar, Alexander II, as it was discovered on his birthday in 1834. These gemstones are highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Alexandrites are often associated with good luck and fortune. They are believed to bring balance and harmony to the wearer’s life. Due to their rarity, alexandrites are considered precious and can be quite expensive. They are primarily found in Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and East Africa.

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