Anabolism Meaning in Nepali

Anabolism is a term used in biology to describe the process of building up complex molecules from simpler ones. In Nepali, anabolism can be translated as “अनुवर्धन” (anuvarddhan).

Nearby Words

  • Noun: अनुवर्धन (anuvarddhan) – growth
  • Noun: विकास (vikaas) – development
  • Noun: निर्माण (nirmaan) – construction
  • Noun: वृद्धि (vriddhi) – increase
  • Noun: उन्नति (unnati) – progress

Part of Speech

Anabolism is a noun.



Anabolism Synonyms

  • Growth – वृद्धि (vriddhi)
  • Development – विकास (vikaas)
  • Construction – निर्माण (nirmaan)
  • Increase – वृद्धि (vriddhi)
  • Progress – उन्नति (unnati)
  • Building up – निर्माण (nirmaan)

Description and Origination of Anabolism

Anabolism is a fundamental process in living organisms where complex molecules are synthesized from simpler ones. It is the opposite of catabolism, which is the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones. Anabolism plays a crucial role in growth, repair, and maintenance of body tissues. It involves various metabolic pathways and requires energy input. Anabolism is essential for the functioning of cells and the overall development of an organism.


  • Catabolism – अपचय (apachay)
  • Breakdown – विघटन (vighatan)
  • Destruction – विनाश (vinaash)
  • Decrease – कमी (kami)
  • Decline – अवनति (avanati)

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