Bailiffs Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings: बैलिफ, न्यायिक अधिकारी, न्यायिक अधिकारीहरू

Part of Speech of Bailiffs:

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation of Bailiffs:


Bailiffs Synonyms:

1. Officers (अधिकारीहरू)

2. Sheriffs (शेरिफहरू)

3. Marshals (मार्शलहरू)

4. Constables (कन्स्टेबलहरू)

5. Guardians (संरक्षकहरू)

6. Keepers (राख्नेहरू)

Description and Origination of Bailiffs:

Bailiffs are individuals who are appointed by the court to maintain law and order within the courtroom and to execute court orders. They play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the judicial system. Bailiffs are responsible for maintaining security, escorting prisoners, and enforcing court decisions. They are often present during trials and hearings to maintain order and provide assistance to judges and lawyers.


1. Criminals (अपराधीहरू)

2. Lawbreakers (कानून तोड्नेहरू)

3. Offenders (अपराधीहरू)

4. Delinquents (अपराधिनहरू)

5. Culprits (दोषीहरू)

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