atomic theory

Atomic Theory Meaning in Nepali: आणविक सिद्धान्त, आणविक तत्त्व अर्थ (noun)

Nearby Words:

  • Atom (noun) – आणविक, परमाणु
  • Theory (noun) – सिद्धान्त, तत्त्व
  • Atomic Bomb (noun) – आणविक बम
  • Atomic Energy (noun) – आणविक ऊर्जा
  • Atomic Mass (noun) – आणविक भार
  • Atomic Number (noun) – आणविक संख्या

Part of Speech:



(uh-tom-ik thee-uh-ree)

Atomic Theory Synonyms:

  • Molecular Theory – आणविक सिद्धान्त
  • Particle Theory – कण सिद्धान्त
  • Quantum Theory – क्वान्टम सिद्धान्त
  • Atomic Hypothesis – आणविक परिकल्पना
  • Atomic Model – आणविक आवर्तन
  • Atomic Structure – आणविक संरचना

Description and Origination of Atomic Theory:

Atomic theory, or आणविक सिद्धान्त, is a scientific theory that explains the nature and behavior of atoms. It originated in ancient Greece with the philosopher Democritus, who proposed that all matter is made up of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. This theory was further developed by John Dalton in the early 19th century, leading to the modern understanding of atomic structure and the principles of chemistry. Atomic theory is fundamental to our understanding of the physical world and has had a significant impact on various scientific disciplines.


  • Macroscopic Theory – बृहत्तत्व सिद्धान्त
  • Continuum Theory – अविराम सिद्धान्त
  • Non-Atomic Theory – अणुरहित सिद्धान्त
  • Classical Theory – प्राचीन सिद्धान्त
  • Qualitative Theory – गुणात्मक सिद्धान्त

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