as often as not

As often as not Meaning in Nepali: अक्सर नभएमा, धेरै बार नभएमा, धेरै छोटो अवस्थामा, धेरै छोटो अवस्थामा नभएमा

Nearby Words:

As: जस्तो, जस्तै, जस्तो गर्नु, जस्तो छ, जस्तो छैन

Often: धेरै, अक्सर, बारम्बार, बारबार, बार-बार

Not: होइन, नभएको, नभएको छ, नभएको छैन, नभएको छैन

Part of Speech of As Often As Not:

Adverb phrase

Pronunciation of As Often As Not:

(as aw-fuhn az not)

As Often As Not Synonyms:

1. Frequently – धेरै बार, अक्सर

2. Commonly – साधारणतया, धेरै बार

3. Usually – साधारणतया, धेरै बार

4. Regularly – नियमित रूपमा, धेरै बार

5. Often – धेरै, अक्सर

6. Frequently – धेरै बार, अक्सर

Description and Origination of As Often As Not:

As often as not is an adverb phrase that means something happens frequently or commonly. It is used to describe a situation or occurrence that is more likely to happen than not. The phrase originated in the English language and is commonly used in both spoken and written communication.


1. Rarely – दुर्लभतापूर्वक, बिर्सिने गर्नु

2. Seldom – धेरै छोटो अवस्थामा, धेरै छोटो अवस्थामा नभएमा

3. Infrequently – धेरै बार नभएमा, धेरै छोटो अवस्थामा

4. Occasionally – कभी-कभी, केही छोटो अवस्थामा

5. Rare – दुर्लभ, बिर्सिने गर्नु

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