acceptance of debt

Acceptance of Debt


Acceptance of debt refers to the acknowledgment and agreement by a debtor to repay the amount owed to a creditor. It is a legal and binding agreement that establishes the debtor’s responsibility to fulfill their financial obligations.

Nepali Meaning

1. ऋणको स्वीकृति (rinnko swikriti)

2. ऋण स्वीकार (rinn swikar)

Nearby Words

1. Debt (Noun) – ऋण (rinn) – an amount of money owed by one person to another.

2. Creditor (Noun) – ऋणदाता (rindata) – a person or entity to whom money is owed.

3. Repayment (Noun) – चुक्तानी (chuktani) – the act of paying back money that is owed.


1. Obligation

2. Liability

3. Indebtedness

4. Responsibility


मुक्ति (mukti) – Freedom

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