Meaning in Nepali:

अधिकरणधारी, न्यायाधीश (adhi-karan-dhari, nyayadhish)



Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Adjudicate (verb) – न्यायिक निर्णय गर्नु, न्यायिक निर्णय दिनु
  • Adjudication (noun) – न्यायिक निर्णय, न्यायिक निर्णय गर्ने कार्य
  • Adjudicatory (adjective) – न्यायिक निर्णय सम्बन्धी


  • Arbiters
  • Judges
  • Referees
  • Umpires
  • Panelists


अन्यायी (anyayi) – Unfair, अन्याय (anyaya) – Injustice

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Adjudicators, as noun, refer to individuals who have the authority to make a formal judgment or decision, especially in a competition or dispute. In Nepali, they are known as “अधिकरणधारी” (adhi-karan-dhari) or “न्यायाधीश” (nyayadhish).

Adjudicators play a crucial role in ensuring fairness and impartiality in various fields such as sports, arts, and legal proceedings. They are responsible for evaluating performances, settling conflicts, and upholding the rules and regulations of the respective domain.

Some synonyms for adjudicators include arbiters, judges, referees, umpires, and panelists. These terms highlight the role of individuals in making authoritative decisions.

It is important to note that the antonyms for adjudicators in Nepali are “अन्यायी” (anyayi) and “अन्याय” (anyaya), which mean unfair and injustice, respectively.

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