Baggage Meaning in Nepali

Baggage, Nepali meaning: झोला, बस्ता, भारी बस्ता, सामान

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Bag, Suitcase, Luggage – झोला, बस्ता, भारी बस्ता
  • Noun: Belongings, Possessions – सामान

Part of Speech




Baggage Synonyms

  • Luggage – झोला, बस्ता, भारी बस्ता
  • Suitcase – झोला
  • Belongings – सामान
  • Bag – बस्ता
  • Load – भारी बस्ता

Baggage refers to the personal belongings or luggage that a person carries while traveling. In Nepali, it can be translated as झोला, बस्ता, भारी बस्ता, or सामान. It is a noun and pronounced as “buh-gij”. Synonyms for baggage include झोला, बस्ता, भारी बस्ता, सामान, and बस्ता. Baggage is an essential part of traveling, allowing individuals to carry their necessary items and belongings. To learn more about the term, you can refer to the definitions provided by,, or

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