balance carried forward

Balance Carried Forward Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

अगाडि लिएको शेष (noun)

संतुलन लिएको अगाडि (noun)

अगाडि लिएको शेष राख्नु (verb)

Part of Speech:



(bal-uhns kar-eed fawr-werd)

Balance Carried Forward Synonyms:

1. Forward Balance (अगाडि शेष)

2. Carried Forward Amount (लिएको शेष रकम)

3. Remaining Balance (बाँकी शेष)

4. Unsettled Balance (अनन्तिक शेष)

5. Outstanding Amount (बक्की रकम)

6. Accumulated Balance (जम्मा शेष)

Description and Origination:

Balance Carried Forward refers to the remaining amount from a previous accounting period that is brought forward to the next period. It represents the balance that has not been settled or used up and is carried over to the next period’s accounts. This term is commonly used in financial accounting to ensure accurate tracking of financial transactions and to maintain continuity in financial statements.


1. Balance Brought Forward (अगाडि लिएको शेष)

2. Settled Balance (समाप्त शेष)

3. Cleared Amount (खारेज रकम)

4. Zero Balance (शून्य शेष)

5. Closed Balance (बन्द शेष)


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