Bagged Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Bagged:

1. झोलामा (noun)

2. पोथीमा (noun)

3. थैलीमा (noun)

4. बस्त्रमा (noun)

5. बोर्सामा (noun)

Part of Speech of Bagged:


Pronunciation of Bagged:


Bagged Synonyms:

1. Pouch (झोला)

2. Sack (बोर्सा)

3. Purse (पोथी)

4. Backpack (थैली)

5. Tote (बस्त्र)

6. Knapsack (बोर्सा)

Description and Origination of Bagged:

Bagged is a noun that refers to something that is enclosed or carried in a bag. It can be used to describe the action of putting something into a bag or the state of being contained within a bag. The term originated from the Old Norse word “baggi,” which means bag or pouch. Bags have been used for centuries as a convenient way to carry and store items. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, serving different purposes. From everyday use to specialized bags for specific activities, bags have become an essential part of our lives.


1. Unpack (खोल्नु)

2. Empty (खाली)

3. Discard (छोड्नु)

4. Abandon (त्याग्नु)

5. Release (मुक्त गर्नु)


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