Assertion Meaning in Nepali: अभिकथन, दावा, बचाउनु, अभिकथन, दावा, बचाउनु

Nearby Words:

Noun: statement (बयान), claim (दावा), declaration (घोषणा), affirmation (पुष्टि), proclamation (घोषणा)

Verb: assert (दावा गर्नु), maintain (बनाए राख्नु), declare (घोषणा गर्नु), affirm (पुष्टि गर्नु), state (बयान गर्नु)

Part of Speech:




Assertion Synonyms:

affirmation (पुष्टि), declaration (घोषणा), statement (बयान), claim (दावा), proclamation (घोषणा), avowal (स्वीकार)

Description and Origination of Assertion:

Assertion is a noun that refers to the act of stating or declaring something confidently or forcefully. It originated from the Latin word “assertio” which means “a claim, affirmation.” In Nepali, assertion is translated as अभिकथन, दावा, बचाउनु. It is an important concept in communication and debate, as it allows individuals to express their opinions and beliefs with conviction.


denial (इन्कार), contradiction (विरोध), refutation (खण्डन), disavowal (इन्कार), rejection (त्याग)

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