Aghast Meaning in Nepali

Aghast meaning in Nepali: भयभीत, आतंकित

Pronunciation: (uh-gast)

Part of Speech: adjective

Nearby Words:

  • Aggravate (verb) – बढाउनु, खराब गर्नु
  • Agile (adjective) – चुस्त, फुर्तीलो
  • Agitate (verb) – उत्तेजित गर्नु, चिढाउनु
  • Agony (noun) – दुःख, वेदना
  • Aid (noun) – सहायता, सहारा


  • Terrified – भयभीत
  • Appalled – आतंकित
  • Shocked – चौकिएको
  • Dismayed – निराश
  • Horror-stricken – भयभीत


No antonyms found in Nepali.

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