Bald-Headed Meaning in Nepali

Bald-Headed is an adjective that refers to a person who has no hair on their head. In Nepali, it can be translated as:

  • टुप्पाको नगरेको (tuppāko nagareko) – without hair on the head
  • टुप्पाको नभएको (tuppāko nabhaeko) – bald
  • टुप्पाको नभएको मानिस (tuppāko nabhaeko mānis) – bald person

Part of Speech

Bald-Headed is an adjective.


(bald-headed) – [bawld-hed-id]

Bald-Headed Synonyms

  • Hairless – बालरहित (bālarahit)
  • Shaved – चुट्टाको (chuṭṭāko)
  • Smooth-headed – मुलमुलो टुप्पाको (mulamulo tuppāko)
  • Uncovered – खुल्ला (khullā)
  • Bare-headed – नगरेको (nagareko)
  • Scalp-bald – टुप्पाको नभएको (tuppāko nabhaeko)

Description and Origination of Bald-Headed

Bald-Headed is a term used to describe individuals who have lost all or most of their hair on the head. It is commonly associated with aging or medical conditions such as alopecia. The term originated from the combination of “bald,” meaning without hair, and “headed,” referring to the head. Being bald-headed can have various cultural and personal implications, and some individuals choose to embrace their baldness while others may seek remedies or coverings. The term is widely used in English-speaking countries and has become a common phrase to describe individuals with a lack of hair on their heads.


  • Hairy – बालयुक्त (bālayukta)
  • Haired – बालयुक्त (bālayukta)
  • Curly-haired – बालयुक्त (bālayukta)
  • Thick-haired – बालयुक्त (bālayukta)
  • Full-haired – बालयुक्त (bālayukta)

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