Attaches Meaning in Nepali: जोड्नु, संलग्न गर्नु, लगाउनु

Nearby Words:

1. Attach (verb): जोड्नु, संलग्न गर्नु

2. Attachment (noun): संलग्नता, जोड, लगाव

3. Attaching (verb): जोड्ने, संलग्न गर्ने

4. Attached (adjective): जोडिएको, संलग्न गरिएको

5. Attacher (noun): जोड्ने व्यक्ति, संलग्न गर्ने व्यक्ति

Part of Speech of Attaches:

Attaches is a verb.

Pronunciation of Attaches:


Attaches Synonyms:

1. Connects (जोड्छ)

2. Joins (संलग्न गर्छ)

3. Fastens (बाँध्छ)

4. Appends (थप्छ)

5. Affixes (जोड्छ)

6. Ties (बाँध्छ)

Attaches Antonyms:

1. Detaches (छुट्टाउँछ)

2. Disconnects (छुट्टाउँछ)

3. Separates (छुट्टाउँछ)

4. Unfastens (खोल्छ)

5. Releases (छोड्छ)

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