Aurally Meaning in Nepali: श्रोत्रगोचर, कानसम्बन्धी, श्रोत्रगोचरको, श्रोत्रगोचरतामा, श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

Nearby Words:

Noun: श्रोत्रगोचरता, श्रोत्रगोचरतामा, श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

Adjective: श्रोत्रगोचर, श्रोत्रगोचरको, श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

Part of Speech of Aurally:


Pronunciation of Aurally:


Aurally Synonyms:

1. Acoustically – ध्वनिकतामा

2. Sonically – ध्वनिकतामा

3. Aurally – श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

4. Audibly – श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

5. Hearingly – श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

6. Soundly – श्रोत्रगोचरतामा

Description and Origination of Aurally:

Aurally is an adverb that relates to the sense of hearing or the ears. It is derived from the Latin word “auris,” meaning “ear.” Aurally is used to describe something that is perceived or experienced through the sense of hearing. It is commonly used in the context of music, sound, or spoken language. For example, aurally pleasing music refers to music that sounds pleasant to the ears. This term is often used in discussions about audio perception and sensory experiences.


1. Visually – दृष्टिगोचरतामा

2. Optically – दृष्टिगोचरतामा

3. Tangibly – स्पर्शगोचरतामा

4. Tactually – स्पर्शगोचरतामा

5. Palpably – स्पर्शगोचरतामा

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