Pronunciation: (uh-beyt-muhnts)


Abatements refer to the act of reducing or lessening something, such as a problem, a burden, or a punishment. It can also be used to describe a decrease in the intensity or severity of something.

Nearby Words:

  • Abate (कम गर्नु, घटाउनु)
  • Abbreviate (संक्षेप गर्नु, संक्षेप)
  • Abandon (त्याग गर्नु, छोड्नु)
  • Abacus (गणक, गणितीय यन्त्र)
  • Abandonment (त्याग, छोड)
  • Abandonware (छोडिएको सफ्टवेयर)


  • Reduction
  • Decrease
  • Diminution
  • Mitigation
  • Alleviation


  • Aggravation (भडकाउनु, बढाउनु)
  • Intensification (बढाउनु, तीव्र बनाउनु)
  • Worsening (खराबी, बिग्रनु)

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Abatements are a crucial aspect of various fields, including law, construction, and finance. Understanding the concept of abatements can help individuals navigate through complex situations and find solutions to problems.

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