art nouveau

Art Nouveau Meaning in Nepali: आर्ट नुभो (noun), आर्ट नुभो (adjective)

Nearby Words:

Noun: कला, शिल्प, चित्रकला, रचनाकला

Adjective: सौन्दर्यशाली, आकर्षक, रचनात्मक, नवीनतापूर्ण, अद्वितीय

Part of Speech:

Art Nouveau is a noun and an adjective.


(ahr noo-voh)

Art Nouveau Synonyms:

1. Modern Style – आधुनिक शैली

2. Jugendstil – युगेन्स्टिल

3. Secession Style – विभाजन शैली

4. Glasgow Style – ग्लास्गो शैली

5. Liberty Style – लिबर्टी शैली

6. Modernismo – मोडर्निज्मो

Description and Origination of Art Nouveau:

Art Nouveau, meaning “new art” in French, is an artistic style that emerged in the late 19th century. It is characterized by intricate designs, flowing lines, and a focus on nature and organic forms. Art Nouveau was a reaction against the industrialization of society and sought to bring art into everyday life. It influenced various art forms, including architecture, furniture, jewelry, and graphic design. The style originated in Europe, particularly in Belgium and France, and quickly spread across the globe. Art Nouveau remains influential and continues to inspire artists and designers today.


There are no specific antonyms for Art Nouveau.

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