Backwater Meaning in Nepali

Backwater: अवसादी, अप्रवाही, अप्रवाहित जलवाहिनी

Nearby Words:

Noun: अवसादी, अप्रवाही, अप्रवाहित जलवाहिनी

Adjective: अप्रवाही, अप्रवाहित

Part of Speech:




Backwater Synonyms:

1. Stagnant water – निस्तब्ध पानी

2. Dead water – मृत पानी

3. Still water – शान्त पानी

4. Standing water – खडा पानी

5. Quagmire – दलदल

6. Slough – दलदल

Description and Origination:

Backwater refers to a body of stagnant or still water that does not flow. It is often found in rivers or streams where the water is obstructed by a dam, tide, or other natural or man-made barriers. Backwaters are commonly associated with calm and peaceful environments, providing a serene atmosphere for various activities such as boating, fishing, or simply enjoying nature. The term “backwater” originated from the idea of water being held back or prevented from flowing freely. It can also metaphorically refer to a place or situation that is isolated, stagnant, or lacking progress.


1. Mainstream – मुख्य धारा

2. Current – धारा

3. Flow – प्रवाह

4. Progress – प्रगति

5. Advancement – उन्नति

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