alimentary tract

Alimentary Tract

Meaning in Nepali: आहारिक नाली, पाचन नाली

Pronunciation: (आलिमेन्टरी ट्रैक्ट)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Alimentary: adjective, आहारिक
  • Tract: noun, नाली
  • Digestive: adjective, पाचक
  • Intestine: noun, आंत
  • Stomach: noun, पेट


  • Digestive System (पाचक तंत्र)
  • Gastrointestinal Tract (जठरान्त्रिक नाली)
  • GI Tract (जीआई नाली)
  • Alimentary Canal (आहारिक नाली)
  • Food Tube (खाद्य नलिका)


No antonyms found in Nepali.

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Alimentary Tract refers to the entire passage along which food passes through the body, including the mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestines, and anus. It is responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The term “alimentary” relates to nourishment or food, while “tract” refers to a channel or passage.

The alimentary tract plays a vital role in the process of digestion. Food enters the mouth, where it is chewed and mixed with saliva. It then travels down the esophagus into the stomach, where it is further broken down by stomach acids. The partially digested food moves into the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream. The remaining waste passes through the large intestine and is eliminated through the anus.

Understanding the alimentary tract is crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive system. Any issues or disorders within this tract can lead to digestive problems and nutrient deficiencies. It is important to consume a balanced diet and practice good eating habits to support the proper functioning of the alimentary tract.

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