Avatars Meaning in Nepali

Avatars नेपालीमा अर्थ (Nepali meanings of avatars): अवतारहरू, अवतारहरूको अर्थ, अवतारहरूका अर्थ

Nearby Words

– Avail (verb) – उपयोगी हुनु, लाभ उठाउनु

– Avalanche (noun) – हिमस्खलन

– Avenue (noun) – गल्ली, मार्ग

– Average (noun) – औसत, माध्य

– Avenge (verb) – प्रतिशोध लिनु, बदला लिनु

Part of Speech of Avatars: Noun

Pronunciation of Avatars: (uh-vah-tahrz)

Avatars Synonyms

– Incarnation (noun) – अवतार

– Embodiment (noun) – अवतार

– Manifestation (noun) – प्रकटन

– Representation (noun) – प्रतिष्ठान

– Personification (noun) – व्यक्तित्वीकरण

– Image (noun) – छवि

Description and Origination of Avatars

Avatars, in the context of Hindu mythology, refer to the incarnations or manifestations of deities on Earth. These avatars are believed to be divine beings who descend to fulfill a specific purpose or to restore balance in the world. The concept of avatars is deeply rooted in the Hindu religion and is often associated with the god Vishnu, who is believed to have taken various avatars throughout history.


– Reality (noun) – वास्तविकता

– Original (adjective) – मूल

– Genuine (adjective) – वास्तविक

– Authentic (adjective) – मान्य

– Real (adjective) – वास्तविक

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