Asiatic Meaning in Nepali

Asiatic, एशियाई, एशियाटिक, एशियाटिकले, एशियाटिकलाई

Nearby Words

– Asia (Noun) – एशिया
– Asian (Adjective) – एशियाई
– Asiatique (Noun) – एशियाटिक
– Asiatique (Adjective) – एशियाटिकले
– Asiatique (Adverb) – एशियाटिकलाई

Part of Speech

Asiatic is an adjective.



Asiatic Synonyms

– Asian (एशियाई)
– Oriental (पूर्वीय)
– Eastern (पूर्वी)
– Far Eastern (दूर पूर्वी)
– Mongolian (मंगोलियन)
– Chinese (चिनियाँ)

Description and Origination of Asiatic

Asiatic refers to something or someone related to Asia, the largest continent in the world. It is commonly used to describe people, cultures, or things originating from or associated with Asia. The term “Asiatic” has its origins in the Latin word “Asiaticus,” which means “pertaining to Asia.” It is widely used in various contexts, including geography, history, and anthropology.


– Non-Asian (गैर-एशियाई)
– Western (पश्चिमी)
– European (युरोपीय)
– American (अमेरिकी)
– African (अफ्रिकी)

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