Arcaded Meaning in Nepali: अर्केडिड मतलब नेपालीमा, अर्केडिडको नेपाली अर्थ, अर्केडिडको नेपाली अर्थहरू

Nearby Words:

Noun: Arcade – अर्केड

Adjective: Arcadian – अर्केडियन

Verb: Arc – अर्क

Part of Speech:

Arcaded is an adjective.



Arcaded Synonyms:

1. Covered, आवरण गरिएको

2. Vaulted, वॉल्टेड

3. Arched, अर्च्ड

4. Colonnaded, कोलोनेडेड

5. Pillared, पिलरदार

6. Porticoed, पोर्टिकोड

Description and Origination of Arcaded:

Arcaded is an adjective that describes something as having arcades or a series of arches. It originated from the word “arcade,” which refers to a covered passageway with arches along one or both sides. Arcaded structures can be found in various architectural styles and are often seen in buildings such as shopping malls, galleries, or arcades. The term “arcaded” is commonly used to describe the architectural feature of having arcades.


Open, खुला

Uncovered, खुल्ने

Exposed, प्रकट

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