Ananta Meaning in Nepali: Ananta, अनन्त (adjective) – endless, infinite; अनन्त (noun) – eternity, infinity; अनन्त (noun) – Lord Vishnu.

Nearby Words:

Adjective: अनन्तिक (anantika) – infinite, eternal; अनन्तःकोटि (anantakoti) – countless, innumerable.

Noun: अनन्तता (anantata) – infinity, eternity; अनन्तत्व (anantatva) – infiniteness, endlessness.

Part of Speech of Ananta:


Pronunciation of Ananta:


Ananta Synonyms:

1. Infinite – अनंत (ananta)

2. Boundless – अपार (apar)

3. Limitless – असीम (asim)

4. Eternal – शाश्वत (shashwat)

5. Perpetual – नित्य (nitya)

6. Everlasting – सदायिक (sadayik)

Description and Origination of Ananta:

Ananta, meaning “endless” or “infinite” in Nepali, is a word that signifies eternity and infinity. It is also associated with Lord Vishnu, who is considered the preserver and protector in Hindu mythology. The concept of Ananta reflects the belief in the infinite nature of the universe and the eternal cycle of life and death. In Nepali culture, Ananta is often used to describe something that is boundless, limitless, and everlasting.


1. Limited – सीमित (seemit)

2. Finite – संख्यात (sankhyat)

3. Temporary – अस्थायी (asthayi)

4. Transient – अनित्य (anitya)

5. Impermanent – अस्थायी (asthayi)

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